I went to this event one night with a special guy. He was really into the live music scene in Second Life. I had never really thought about live music in SL. Then I heard her. She had an amazing voice. She was fun, smart, sassy and full of life. I then had the pleasure of being thrown into a group chat with her and a group of my soon to be guys friends. I am a quiet until you get to know me kinda girl. This can make things awkward sometimes (I know this) but I pick up on vibes so to speak. I generally click with someone or don't pretty fast. I may not know why at the time but this is just me. This artist was full of life. She gave life in her performances and when I was thrown into this conversation I immediately could tell she was a take me as I am kinda girl. I loved her immediately. As I said I am kinda awkward at first so this was not obvious I'm sure.  

As time went on I opened up and she quickly knew I am not that quiet. One day, she stated that she was going to learn how to make mesh clothes. I myself am a firm believer that you should do things in this second life that you enjoy. That spark your creativeness and imagination. I fully support all of my friends in their endeavors. I cheered her on. I cannot express enough how impressed and proud I am of Sassy Nitely. She, in such a short time has come out with some truly awesome clothing items. I immediately bought her first top and used it in my blog. The beautifully well made Abby top made the blog. I was surprised and deeply honored when she wanted me to blog for her. Then one day she tells me I have something I am working on and I think you should have it first since it will be named after you. I was overwhelmed. I didn't really even know what to say. 

Sassy, I am so proud of you. You set your mind to learning something and you in such a short time are creating amazing quality pieces. Most of all you put your heart into this same as you do the music you play. Thank you for being my amazingly talented friend. I met a very special guy and a very special friend! Thank you ❤️

Hair: Magika Hearbeat
Ears: Mandala Steking Ears Season5
Top: ~ChicModa~  Ara Dress ~   (Thank You❤️) @ the Pretty Things Showroom event
Shoes:KC Couture - Yarina Heels, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink High, EVE, TMP (Thank You❤️)
Pose: .Mila. Pose  Sensual 
Location: ~Neive~

I didn't do these amazing KC Couture - Yarina Heels justice in my picture so here they are again! (Thank You❤️)